What Tech Will I Use as a New Dad?

If you follow the vlogs that my lovely wife (the artist currently known as Diana) and I do every bleepin’ day, you already know that we’ve got a baby on the way — and due very soon! So she’s going to be a first-time mom, and I’m going to be a first-time dad; sure, this kind of thing happens every day across the world — multiple times for many families — but for us, it’s new and exciting!

After that first week of no sleep once Baby Pirillo arrives, I suspect that certain aspects of the novelty will wear off. But the local hospital has a strict “no returns” policy, so we’re kind of stuck no matter what. Kind of a shoddy deal if you ask me, but whatever.

Since this is our first foray into parenthood, we’ve got lots of questions. Luckily, we’ve got lots of friends and family who have been on this path before (our own parents included) to ask for help. Here are a few of mine…

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