How to Build a Smarter Smart Home

When 20th century astronaut (television’s 1979–1981 Gil Gerard version of) Buck Rogers was discovered in accidental cryogenic slumber, frozen to the control panel of his spaceship and defrosted in the 25th century, he had over 500 years’ worth of catching up to do. Sure, some of that time shouldn’t really count because humanity was spending it rebuilding civilization after a devastating nuclear war, but the tech achieved was still pretty mind boggling by the standards of a 20th century guy like Captain Rogers.

Every day was an adjustment — even when it came to dealing with “conveniences” that were designed to make life for humans easier. If your 80-year-old grandmother has trouble corresponding with you through email, imagine the difficulties faced by a pre-Internet adult propelled into space in the ’80s and reintroduced to Earth half a millennium in the future…

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