Which Technologies Are Being Destroyed by Technology?

It used to be fairly commonplace to see a person toting around a boombox the size of a doghouse if they wanted to listen to their tunes on the go. But then Sony invented the Walkman and showed us that we didn’t have to risk hernias or permanent shoulder injury (or even Vulcan nerve pinches) just to enjoy music while mobile. Now, the boombox is a fairly rare sight to see in the urban landscape unless you happen upon an elusive pack of retro-savvy breakdancers spinning the boogaloo electric or a lone hipster with a back as strong as his or her sense of irony.

The capacity of our technology gets bigger as its form factors get smaller, and the hybridization of various gadgets into all-in-one devices makes this technology more mobile than ever. While devices have gotten smaller over time, I’ll bet you don’t even carry around as many as you did five or 10 years ago. Electronics that you probably once considered as important to have along for the ride as water on a trip through the desert are probably now gathering dust in a closet full of discarded tech that resembles the inside of a Jawa sandcrawler…

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