When Will the Game Console Disappear from Relevance?

Everyone knows that the PS4 is better than Xbox One! Except for those who know that Xbox One is better than PS4! With the latest batch of game consoles being so fervently commended and, in turn, denounced by their respective proponents, you’d think that the format of console gaming was enjoying a healthy day in the sun with a face toward further generations to come.

But I’m not so sure. Should we mistake the desire of human beings to bicker with other human beings as a gauge by which to measure the health of an industry? People argue about which way to hang the toilet paper in their washrooms instead of just being thankful it’s there, after all. And wars have been fought on the basis of one person’s interpretation of a book that disagrees with another person’s interpretation of the same book, so it’s hard to come to a logical conclusion about what the temperature of a disagreement has to say about the overall weather that surrounds it…

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