Why is Blogging Dead?

Much to the consternation of many a geek, the entrance of the World Wide Web helped boost the popularity of the Internet as a means of communication for the mainstream by the early ’90s. No longer was this international network merely the plaything of an initiated elite as it had been for decades before, but a tool to be utilized for all — by all. The blog was a natural extension of this idea, giving anyone who could peck out a paragraph on a keyboard the ability to interact with people all over the world, instantly.

Ah, the age of the blog — short for “Web log” — was great while it lasted, wasn’t it? A blog had the element of being a journal that chronicled your day-to-day life while also being visible to the world at large for feedback from random members of the global population. Some of them would become lifelong friends, and others, well… let’s just say that not everybody could agree to politely disagree…

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