What's the Future of the iPod?

Are iPods still in, or on the way out? You asked me anything, and I answered… well, almost everything!

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What's the Future of the iPod?

Pirillo Vlog 785 - How to Blend Love with Work

Ever wondered how to get started with Linux? Linux from Scratch is a free e-book that aims to tell you exactly how to go about this ultimately not-so-intimidating feat!

Whether it’s a full life lived or, say… a Half-Life, but few understand the consequences of mad science more than Dr. Gordon Freeman.

Not that it bothers him when you call him a nerd, but patron Ryan Bragg prefers the term “Intellectual Badass.”

How is social media broken?

What do you do when you desperately need Wi-Fi and none is available? Do you carry a hotspot with you? It can be done!