Everything is Still Awesome

Will you buy an iMac now that Apple has announced a lower-priced model? This and other questions were answered, asked, and discussed in this TLDR.

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Everything is Awesome

Pirillo Vlog 782 -- Be Positive!

I’m very happy to be working with Verizon to produce special videos for its YouTube channel — which should benefit everybody out there (especially those who crave more “device advice” from me)!

Curious about Raspberry Pi, the $35, full-blown microcomputer that runs Linux? Let Raspberry Pi: A Quick-Start Guide help you down the right path!

Are South Park Cartman Slippers just big-boned?

I’m webinaring again!

Dale asked: “Can you recommend any iPhone 5s battery pack case?” I say: “Yes! Any of these.”

Can you take pictures underwater with your smartphone? Can you drop it from 30 feet without fear? PhotoProX for iPhone 5/5s gives you 33 feet of waterproofing, 30 feet of rugged drop protection, and four interchangeable lenses all in one compact solution!