Two Worlds, One Cup!

Are you a fan of Emoji? Are you excited to have about 250 new ones? Are you bummed out that we’ve already burned through Game of Thrones until next season? Did I get rid of my mustache? Should privacy hairs remain private? What else did we talk about in this TLDR? Watch it and you’ll know!

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Two Worlds, One Cup!

Pirillo Vlog 780 -- Wanna Be Our Kid, Too?

“Hey, Chris! Where are all the tech videos?” (Ah, you must mean the ones I do every day!)

Well, I’ll be! It’s a Microsoft Office 2013 Free Reference Card Kit!

John Cleese does a silly walk across Abbey Road on a t-shirt.

Yes, I’m awake. Yes, I just posted my HTC One M8 Review!

Japanese maccha green tea flavor Kit Kat is today’s tastemaker.

Kick — an LED array that has a smartphone app to allow for color and brightness adjustments — is my pick of the day!

Chase Butler wanted to know which “a salt” gun I used in Pirillo Vlog 775. This is the one!