Is iOS Better for Privacy?

Entering your credit card manually vs. trusting your phone to scan it? Me being made up to look like Darth Maul vs. not having a splotchy red face the day after? iOS vs. Android for better privacy? Come aboard and let’s talk about this (and more)!

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Is iOS Better for Privacy?

White and Red All Over

If you have a PC with Windows 8 or 8.1 but miss Windows 7, there’s no need to downgrade. Following a few simple steps, you can make Microsoft’s current operating system look and feel almost identical to its predecessor. Here’s how to bring back the Start menu and the attractive Aero Glass theme, and how to hide other Windows 8 elements like the Charms menu.

The stunning image on this 50″ x 60″ Doctor Who Van Gogh Plush Throw Blanket shows us how Van Gogh might have painted The Doctor’s iconic time machine, the TARDIS, if the two had met. Why does the famous blue box look like it’s exploding? River Song would be happy that I’m not going to reveal any spoilers about its context to the uninitiated here.

Star Wars Golf Club Covers help the Rebellion heroes of the masses invade the game of the Imperial elites.

For the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters, Mike Seiders of SDRS Creative crafted a beautiful infographic of interesting tidbits about not just the first movie, but Ghostbusters II, as well. RIP, Harold Ramis.

This Blue Yeti USB Microphone is a versatile USB mic that’s big on sound and has three condenser capsules plus four polar pattern settings. The only thing it’s missing is the ability to serve you breakfast in bed.

How do you stay connected to the Internet when there’s no Wi-Fi around? The Karma 4G Hotspot is one pay-as-you-go solution.