Crossing the Streams

Apple vs. Google vs. Amazon for streaming services? We talked about this and more in the most recent TLDR.

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Apple vs. Google vs. Amazon for streaming services?

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Did you catch our new TGIF series yet? Here’s the first one: How to Start with Doctor Who.

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What could make American Idol a program I’d actually watch? If it were a Bad Lip Reading of American Idol.

Sorry, Pluto. You had a good run, but we had to consider the dinner guests when we were making this set of melamine Planet Plates. A nine-plate set would have been a real space oddity.

A Father’s Day coffee mug is a great way to tell Dad that he’s superlatively okay!

If you’re feeling nostalgic about the days when phones were bigger and bolder, you can always turn your cellphone into a real phone with the Talk Dock Mobile Device Handset! (Not that your cellphone’s not technically already a real phone, but you know what I mean.)

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