I Use Google, Microsoft, and Apple Products Simultaneously

Is 4 Gb/s still considered to be “broadband?” Does it matter who the Star Wars: Episode VII actors are? And is it possible to use Google, Microsoft, and Apple products as they suit you without being blindly loyal to one brand in spite of accusations to the contrary? Those are just a few things discussed in this TLDR!

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I Use Google, Microsoft, Apple Products... Simultaneously

Pirillo Vlog 767 -- Diana Has a YouTube Channel Now!

Recently, I received this candid message from an unabashed fan of my work: “[BLEEP] you. You are the worst piece of consumerist, consumptionist, pretentious, hollow, unproductive, capitalist, parasite on the Internet.” He forgot to add hypercaffeinated. Fixed!

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A lot of us are coaxed into musically expressing ourselves through the power of beer. Denmark’s Bottle Boys take it to a whole new level with their all-beer-bottle rendition of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean.

This Funko POP! Maleficent Vinyl Figure is cute enough to make you forget that you’re dealing with a wicked schemer who’s not above murdering children to get her way. Awwww!

For you, gaming is serious business. While many make do with the mouse that arrived pre-packaged with their system, you’re looking for the proper tool to get the job done. The Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse is that tool.

Sure, a Vipertek Mini Stun Gun may not solve all of your problems. But it may solve the important ones.

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