WWDC 2014 Keynote Live Stream Announcements

What are your thoughts on yesterday’s WWDC announcements? For what it’s worth, here are mine!

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WWDC 2014 Keynote Live Stream Announcements

Pirillo Vlog 766 - BABY ON BOARD

Trying to progress with your business but you keep finding your wheels spinning? The Challenge of Growth in Business: Five Critical Tasks is a free white paper that discusses five critical tasks for managing growth and includes ways to free up capital to finance your expansion plans.

Anders Flanderz is a Swedish one-man band who does no disservice to the epic theme from Star Wars by bringing it to the streets of Stockholm on accordion, xylophone, horns, and various percussive implements. His multitasking is impressiveā€¦ most impressive!

This Pool Jousting Set might be the perfect way to experience the fun of a Renaissance Fair or the thrill of Medieval Times without the smell or price tag.

This Gummy Night Light is wireless and colorized and a shining beacon in the darkness for those of us who are either afraid of the dark or afraid to trip over things in the dark.

Is there someone in your life who always asks for your advice, and then turns around and does the exact opposite? We call this type of person an askhole.

CrazyTalk Animator 2 Standard for Mac is award-winning, professional 2D animation software, and it comes with video tutorials to get you up to speed!