Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

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How do you feel about affiliate marketing? Is this a good area to get into? Why or why not? Have you had any good successes being an affiliate? Likewise, do you have any horror stories (without naming company names, I know)?

I believe I’ve actually written about this before, and my thoughts haven’t changed much on the matter.

I am not a fan of affiliate marketing for many reasons.

Case in point? If I ever recommended a product that you bought on Amazon (based on my recommendation) without going through my designated link, I don’t get the credit. Yikes. People who don’t deal with my type of business don’t understand just how outlandish – and unsustainable – that is for someone in my position.

That’s about as horrific as it gets.

I believe that the only true winners with affiliate programs are the people who operate them. To that end, I’ve longed to figure out a unique product I could sell and find affiliates to sign on as resellers.

Is Affiliate Marketing Worth It?

  1. if you do Amazon prime you get 5 UK pounds and Amazon takes non this is because it is down as a bonus but on normal product they take a cut and the pay is low but it is trusted so people click

  2. I used to do affiliate marketing with Amazon, then Missouri signed a new tax law and Amazon decided to cut off all affiliate with Missourians. Thanks Government!

    I’ve also tried Viglink and they are awesome in theory, but I’ve had endless problems actually monetizing my links.

    I’ve tried Clickbank, but those products don’t convert well with my audience.

    So far, I make most of my money from Adsense hands-down, but I won’t give up on affiliate marketing because the potential return is so great.

  3. I’m an affiliate marketer with a company named Vemma. I believe it is a great way for people to make a substantial income based on their efforts. I have had massive success and have only been in this industry for close to 3 years. It has its pitfalls, like owning any business can and has, but it truly is a low risk high reward plan. Most sign ups run around $99-$999 with a $100-$150 recurring monthly charge to remain an active affiliate but compared to a traditional business that’s pennies. I have made back my startup costs within the first week of being an affiliate so I was already making money week 2. Also, most affiliate marketing companies have a way to get your “membership” for free which I have done within 2 weeks of sign up making me into the green and very profitable within my first month of being an affiliate.