Which Old Game Would You Bring Back?

AirWolf asked:

What PC game of old would you like to bring back from the grave, give a fresh start and re-release (or just be able to play!) – and why?

Oh, man… you just can’t replace the classics!

If I could do anything, I wouldn’t reboot or update a favorite game – but bring it back to its last “best” state.

I think a good game plays well forever, and that (too often) newer versions can destroy what made a game work so well for you in an earlier edition.

So, I just found out about JummMan Forever the other day – and I’m thrilled that it’s a project that’s actively shipping code to platforms (with more major platforms coming). I loved Jumpman Jr. on the Commodore 64, and have played it through emulators over the years.

The developer is doing a great job at bringing back what he loved, but while I appreciate some updated graphics coming down the pike… I wouldn’t mind seeing and playing with the “old graphics” either.

I am so grateful I was around for the classic home video games – because I think they’re all timeless. Not all simple, not all perfect, but they obviously worked well enough that I’m still playing a few of them to this day.

Which Old Game Would You Bring Back?