Mac Vs. PC – Again?

You get three wishes. What are they? One of mine would be that people stop asking the “Mac vs. PC?” question!

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Mac Vs. PC -- Again?

Pirillo Vlog 759 -- Seedless in Seattle

Does technology ever creep you out?

In today’s global, always-on world, network security is crucial. Building A Better Network Security Strategy is a free white paper that strives to help you protect yourself and your data.

Which old game would you bring back?

An NFC Ring (that’s Near Field Communication to you, bub) will make you look like a wizard to the uninitiated. And wizards, like friendship, are magic!

If you like the therapeutic effects of assembling puzzles in the aesthetic of paperback best sellers, you might like this 1,000-piece Best Sellers Literature Puzzle by White Mountain Puzzles; it’s made in the USA with 100% recycled materials.

The Steelie Cell Phone Car Mount Kit from Nite Ize will affix your cell phone to your car’s dashboard with the power of magnets! Oh, science, is there anything you can’t do?

When your family needs to safely cross from one place to another, it’s good to know what dangers you might face on the road ahead. When you see this Zombie Caution Poster, you know to keep your best head-piercing implements at the ready.

Feel a little too flashy and admired by the public in your Superman Beach Towel? Sorry, but we couldn’t find a Clark Kent Beach Towel to satisfy the introverts.

When you’re relaxing along the shores of Gotham on your Batman Beach Towel, do you worry that your admiration for the Dark Knight will be rewarded with disdain by the criminal element of the troubled city, or are you confident that the Batman will swoop in and save the day if trouble arises?

Like the gods of Olympus or the mad scientists of Switzerland, have you ever wanted to make the very elements your playthings?

Even if you’re a 98-pound weakling, no bullies will dare to kick sand in your face when you hit the seashore with your Star Wars Darth Vader Beach Towel. The Dark Lord of the Sith simply won’t tolerate it.

This Ghostbusters Zip up with Proton Pack Design on Back lets you step into the shoes of Dr. Peter Venkman (as played by Bill Murray — or Chris Pirillo) and become the bane of supernatural entities, extra-dimensional deities, and Environmental Protection officials, alike.

It’s true that you can find just about anything on eBay, and books penned and signed by Douglas Adams are no exception. Is it a coincidence that the “Douglas” part of his signature looks a lot like “hoopy?”

Got wood? Bring a natural touch to your Mac keyboard with Engrain Tactile Keys.