Does Technology Creep You Out?

ClosetFuturist asked via Facebook:

I’ve been trying to stay aware of trends that are arising in the technological revolution. I’ve been researching it through Documentaries, Keynotes, and even scientific papers. I see a number of discoveries and innovations that could have moral and ethical dilemmas attached under the current system. Some are already occurring. There’s also the reality of biological interfacing that is already happening. Are there any aspects of the tech revolution that has you concerned or even a little creeped out?

It’s pretty much as you laid out, there.

I’m concerned that while technology may be advancing at a rapid rate, the human condition is still operating in the dark ages.

No, seriously.

We have all these great tools around us that are here to make our respective lives better (and, for the most part, I’d say that the quality of life has improved thanks to advancements in high tech and Internet access outright).

But the same tools that can build can also destroy, and if we don’t accept responsibility for what we do with technology… it’ll destroy us altogether.

Let’s illustrate the problem with a simple tool: Twitter. It’s easy to send a tweet that uplifts, inspires, informs, entertains… but what else do people use Twitter for? To diminish, degrade, and derail. Same holds true for YouTube (or any social platform).

Or, worse yet? Some people woefully choose to designate their choice of a smartphone platform as a personal religion.

If that doesn’t illustrate just how disconnected humanity is from technology, nothing does.

We have tools to better connect us, but… some people have yet to develop the emotional maturity (and cultural awareness) that it’s going to take to let these tools build us up together rather than tear us apart.

A tool can often be only as good as its user.

Does Technology Creep You Out?