What is the Difference Between a Fanboy and a Follower?

Interesting question, MogStayshuns!

What, in your opinion, is the difference between a fanboy and a follower? What makes someone a fanboy (the type with negative connotations)?

You DO realize that I could drone on about this all day, right? This blog post would end up being far too long to then be classified as a “quick answer” post! I’ll do my best to keep this short and sweet, okay?

A fanboy – the type you mention that has negative connotations – we all know what that means without me having to define it. They drive us all nuts and make us want to scream or punch things. It’s annoying as hell to deal with people like this, for sure.


I have to admit that having fanboys is also an ego-booster. Think about it: someone thinks highly enough of you to want to copy what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, where you’re doing it and even the environment you’re doing it in (copying my workshop). Of course they aren’t going to do it exactly the same as I do – they aren’t me! But that doesn’t mean it isn’t flattering to me to recognize that I have had that much impact on someone. I know that many of my peers in the tech and social space feel the same way, also.

A follower – well, why do I really need to define this difference? It’s obvious you already know what it is due to the way you worded your question. Perhaps you wanted to ask me if fanboys are bad or good? I’m not exactly clear.

A fanboy is someone who takes their following of a person, product or company to an extreme. They will often try to imitate the person, or only buy products from a particular company – even if it’s not the best choice for their needs.

Does that clear things up a little?

What is the Difference Between a Fanboy and a Follower?