What Do You Use the Internet For?

GadgetSuperHero asked:

What do you use the Internet for?

At first, I wasn’t going to answer this one. My initial reaction was that the answer should be obvious. However, I realize that there’s far more I do online than what all of you see. I’m sure that’s how you are, as well.

Obviously, I use the Internet to work. I stream live to video twice per day on weekdays, write blog posts, post to social media, answer emails and upload the vlogs. That’s definitely far from the sum total of what I “do” when online.

I listen to music through streaming services. I catch up on television shows the same way. I handle many of our household bills and finances online. I do research for shows and posts online. I shop. I read. I learn.

When you stop to think about it, we do so many different things online every single day that it would be hard – if not impossible – to go without it. Yes, impossible… because we rely so heavily on the Internet to get things done, we’d be at a complete loss/standstill if that connection were suddenly taken away.

What about you? What do YOU do online?

Image credit to Rodney Pike!

What Do You Use the Internet For?