Is Online Education Any Good?

Madison is curious about her education options:

Are online classes and degrees just as good as a traditional classroom setting?

It really depends on the school and the person. There are many excellent online programs from reputable schools. When looking for one, do your research and be sure they’re accredited and have good feedback from others.

As far as you – there are many people who have thrived in online classes. You have to be intelligent, of course, and easily able to grasp the content without the benefit of one-on-one instruction.

You also have to be highly disciplined in order to make yourself study and complete assignments when you should. With online classes, students have a lot of temptation to blow off what they should be doing for classwork to do any number of other things, either around the house or out in the world.

Make a decision as to whether you feel YOU are prepared for the challenges of online classes. If you are convinced you are, then look for a reputable school that has the program you’re looking for. Good luck!

Is Online Education Any Good?

  1. If it weren’t for online classes, I wouldn’t be one class away from getting my BA in consumer and family financial services. I went back to school when I was 29 and was working a full-time job, so it was hard to fit on-campus classes into my schedule. At first, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the motivation to succeed in an online environment, but I actually found that it had the opposite effect. If anything, it made me more disciplined because I knew that I was pretty much on my own. I’m happy to say that I’ve maintained a 4.0 GPA the whole way. As Chris said, make sure you find a good school and a program that will work for your lifestyle. Good luck!

  2. Finding the right school is important, but barring that, if you are a self-diciplined, self-motivated person, online classes are every bit as good as attending a regular college class. Some require you to work in teams and submit team projects, such as University of Phoenix. I was teamed up one time with class-mates in separate time zones, which made it very challenging for us to find a common time to connect online. Others just allow you to work on your own. I much prefer the latter, as I don’t want my grade in a class to be dependent on another students work.

  3. I attempted grad studies in a mostly online setting, with a few days of actual face to face class time with other students and the professor. I found out that I learn better in a class setting through that experience. I didn’t complete the program or earn the degree, but I definitely gained the most knowledge through the face to face interactions. I guess that’s just my learning style.