How Do You Deal with Anger?

SnackPack asked:

How do you deal with anger? Is there anything in particular you do — or anything you know to not do?

We all tend to get angry at times, some of us more so than others. Knowing how to cool down and manage these emotions is critical to relationships with others and how you perceive yourself, even. Anger that is uncontrolled can turn very physically dangerous.

For me, I am lucky; when I lose my cool, I’m able to get over it quickly. Sure, I’ve been known to rant — y’all have seen video evidence of that. But that’s just it… I rant. I don’t direct my anger at anyone. I simply spout off about whatever it is I’m pissed about in a healthy way and then get over it. I don’t let it get to me, you know?

I’ve also been known to walk away. That helps me detach from whatever the situation may be, think about it rationally and calm down so that I am able to go back and deal with things. Sometimes, you just have to back the hell off before you say or do things you may later regret, or which may seriously hurt someone.

What about all of you? What do you do to calm down? Beat up a pillow? Throw wet noodles at a wall? Stick pins in a doll?

How Do You Deal with Anger?

2 thoughts on “How Do You Deal with Anger?”

  1. I do nearly the same as you do Chris, When I get angry, I just bark like a dog for a minute or so, and that’s it. I calm myself down, and think of something else to cheer me up.
    I don’t get angry often though, even less today cause I don’t want another heart attack (had one in June last year!) and the experts do say that a rant could do damage to your heart.

    1. I think damage can also be done if the anger pents up and festers. If anger is not expressed or addressed somehow I believe it evolves into hatred, resentment….which would be more difficult to come back from.

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