What is Microblogging?

Michael asked:

What is microblogging and is it important? Is this something I should be doing for my new small business?

Microblogging, quite simply, are short posts made on mediums such as Twitter and even Reddit. Instead of writing a full-on blog post, as I’m doing here, you’re posting a sentence or two to sum something up that you need to say – often including a link for more information. Many people also classify forum posts in this category, but I don’t.

Is microblogging important to your small business? Likely. Having a presence on Twitter, Pinterest and even Reddit (depending on your intended audience) can be crucial to your success. You’ll need to (obviously) know your target audience, know what they’re looking for and then talk to them. Don’t ever just throw out links or messages you think will go viral. Your customers don’t care about that crap. They want you to talk to them – interact with them – ask them questions and give them answers. They want to know you’re THERE… accessible to their needs. This builds brand loyalty and word-of-mouth (by consumers who trust you and your product or service) is invaluable.

How many different microblogging sites do all of YOU belong to, and how do you use them?

What is Microblogging?

  1. In answer to tour question “How many different microblogging sites do all of YOU belong to, and how do you use them?”

    1. I don’t use reddit.
    2. I only use Instagram to soak up content, not post. And I haven’t used it in a while.
    3. Facebook is where I connect with family, former high school classmates, get today’s news and beyond. But if I could delete it I would.
    4. Twitter is where I get news, post little thoughts, but not every day.
    5. Sorry no Tumblr…yet. I do however want to microblog or have one site to share things like a life stream or feed. I just wish I could find something new and different to do as blogging doesn’t interest me anymore.

  2. I have a twitter, Facebook and Instagram account. Mostly for receiving content, not so much for posting.