My Surface Pro 3 Thoughts

Today, I learned never to title a video with a question to which total morons answer “no,” otherwise they’ll Dislike the video outright! So this TLDR went from being called Do You Want a Surface Pro 3? to My Surface Pro 3 Thoughts. What are your thoughts?

Thanks to all of our patrons for keeping TLDR on an even keel!

My Surface Pro 3 Thoughts

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4 thoughts on “My Surface Pro 3 Thoughts”

  1. I don’t like Windows 8. But, my teenage daughter does, and enjoys the touch-screen computer experience. For less than the price of a Surface Pro 3, I got her a Dell Inspirion laptop and Dell Venue Pro 8 tablet, which to me is a better value than $899 for the SP3 tablet, not including the keyboard.
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  2. $1949 for the top of the line Surface Pro 3? You add $130 for a keyboard and now you’re talking over $2000. For $1489, I got a similarly equipped 2013 Macbook Air 11.6 (refurbished) from the Apple Store. Even if I had bought my MB Air brand new for $260 more, I would have spent less than for the SP3. Ok, the MB Air doesn’t have a touch screen, but I don’t care. Besides, I find the MB Air track pad experience to better than a Windows 8 touch screen experience any day. Oh, and did I also mention that I bought a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 tablet from Woot recently for $159.00? Add that and I still spent less than I would have for the SP3.

  3. I like how the surface pro 3 is two things in one (laptop and tablet) plus I don’t mind the win8 experience…but I just can’t get over the price point 🙁 that’s my ultimate barrier.

    1. I think Microsoft has a good idea, they just haven’t implemented it very well. Also, as you point out, the surface is over priced and is going to drive people to lower cost Windows 8 machines.

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