Is Google Plus Dying?

Matthew Rappaport seems to be concerned about what’s going on within Google’s social sphere:

Is Google+ still alive and what do you hope to see announced for it at Google I/O?

It’s not dead – yet.

I have little patience for the typical jingoistic navelgazing that often seems to come with some of Google+’s most vocal supporters, though.

I don’t eat, sleep, or breathe any single social platform, though – nor does my life revolve around any single company apart from my own.

For Google I/O, I’d hope to hear more about how they’re going to continue to improve the Android experience – and, with just about every change they make, Google only reinforces my positions early on regarding their platform (despite me being perceived as persona non grata by many whose personal identity is tied into a piece of fucking software).

Is Google Plus Dying?

  1. If Google+ were dying, there wouldn’t have been the major update to the Android app that’s currently rolling out as we speak. So the mainstream users aren’t using it to the levels they use Facebook. That’s fine. Google+ does just fine as a social network, and this media-driven campaign to want to declare it dead doesn’t sway me in any way.

  2. It’s not dead or dying. It’s just different. As with anything else, it’s a personal preference.
    For me, Google+ is better than Facebook. It has more interesting content, people and subjects. Again, that’s my personal opinion on how it effects me. I haven’t been on the big F all day yet I’ve kept G+ in the background for at least the past few hours.

  3. The way it’s integrated with Youtube now, it can really never die, just exist as an alternate page for your Youtube channel.

  4. call me crazy but i see waaaaaay more engagement with people on g+ than twitter. but for some weird reason i don’t hear a clamoring of people saying twitter is dead. its the most idiotic form of journalism i’ve seen. just because the leadership changes and just because g+ is not as huge as fb and just because some people passionately hate g+ (likewise with fb) doesn’t mean a social network is dead….