Where is Wearable Tech Headed in the Future?

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How far do you think wearable tech will go in the next 10 years?

I think it’ll become invisible.

Well, maybe that won’t happen in the next ten years, but that’s where it’s headed.

Wearing a watch is already old-school; developers will slap a few features onto wrist-worn gadgetry and we’ll use it if it brings a benefit to our life (beyond the idea of style).

For wearable tech to work, it has to blend in with our lifestyles – not get in our way.

And for the foreseeable future, technology will continue to be IN YOUR FACE (and that’s not a good thing at all).

Imagine a 21″ CRT monitor strapped to your face and how silly that idea sounds.

That’s what we’ll think about today’s state of tech affairs ten years from now.

2 thoughts on “Where is Wearable Tech Headed in the Future?”

  1. I don’t see myself getting into wearable tech anytime soon. The need and convenience factor is just not there for me yet.

  2. I could see wearable tech like the smart-watch being used by the older generation. I noticed about a week ago while sitting in a doctors office, most older men still wear a watch but have smartphone in the shirt pockets. with a little help the smartphone and smart-watch “Could” co-exist. On the other hand other wearable tech like google glass and the infamous oculus rift I think is going in the right direction with more tweaking! Gaming & Vlogging!

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