How Does Technology Help You Be a Better Parent?

Melissa Davis asked:

What is parenting in the digital age going to be like in your opinion? How will technology you have at your fingertips help you be a better parent?

I think our lifestyle is somewhat different (but not too far apart) from what other families experience.

For example, social media is now a given for people of all ages – right? You tweet a selfie, and it’s probably not going to be seen by too many people outside of your circle of friends.

Baby Pirillo will have more attention than average, and with that comes undue judgment. People think they have the right to tell others how to live simply because they have the right to speak – and while I defend someone’s ability to say what they want to say, I think it’s extremely rude to judge someone else based on your own conceptions (or misconceptions).

At least I can be there for Baby Pirillo the very moment morons sweep in and try to tell us how to live our lives, eh?

I’d fear for those judgmental morons, really.

Oh, wait… am I judging someone who is judging me? Is that too weird?

How Does Technology Help You Be a Better Parent?