What Should You Look for in a Web Host?

Matthew asked:

What are some good features to look for when selecting a new web hosting service?

There are a lot of different things that people find important. Some only care about cost. Others feel that uptime is crucial. There are a few things that you should look at, though:

  • Uptime – Does the company have sites that crash often? Also, how quickly do they resolve issues?
  • Addons – Many companies offer freebies when you “subscribe” to a hosting plan. What are these addons? Are they even useful to you?
  • Customer Service – Do your questions regarding pricing get answered quickly? How good are the reps at finding the answers you need – no matter the question? Do they answer professionally, or do they treat people rudely?
  • Technical Service – Even more importantly, do issues get fixed quickly and properly – even little things? Are issues explained to you? Are glitches brought to your attention?

I’m sure I’m missing several points to consider. This is where all of you come in: what do you look for when choosing a web host?

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What Do You Look for in a Web Host?

  1. Lots of things. Supported server-side programming languages, and of course limitations. Not only the usual space and bandwidth, but also database limitations. Some hosts set a limit on, for example, the size of your mysql database – which you’ll soon hit if you have a busy site with lots of articles, comments and plugins that relies on a database.

  2. My folks use 1and1 hosting service for their small home based business. Only time I have had to contact their C.S. is when they locked the account due to non-payment. They never sent us an email, or letter, or a call to tell us that the Credit card on the account (that was set to auto renew) expired…Person told me they post notices about the account to the “Inbox” thing when u log into the account area of their website. We never access that and had no idea. I just edit their website via Expression Web. VEry put off about that. Also, I do not recommend their email. It claims to have “Virus Protection Enabled” but they often get obvious spam emails with .zip attachments that are viruses. Gmail(and pretty much every other email service I have used) detects and block such things.