What Would You Do if You Went Blind?

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What would you do if you suddenly went blind or started to go blind due to cataracts? How would you change what you do for work?

I believe I explained this in an earlier WWYD for patrons, but I do believe I’d double down on my other senses – using every one of them to my advantage.

Imagine me talking about how I experienced the latest piece of “life-altering” technology without the ability to see anything. I’d spend more time talking about how it actually feels in my hands, how it responds to the commands I give it, how I’m able to navigate it.

I’d modify how I approach this industry, but my perspectives would be just as strong (coming from a strong-willed individual such as myself).

What Would You Do If You Went Blind?

2 thoughts on “What Would You Do if You Went Blind?”

  1. I would walk my seeing-eye-dog into a china shop, pick him up by the harness and swing him around crashing into all the breakable stuff. When the owners rush out and say “Excuse me sir! Can I help you???” I will say “No thanks, I’m just looking around.”

  2. I would focus more on helping people by teaching them with motivational speeches. So many children are on the streets and need someone to simply care.

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