How Do You Answer Potential Employer Questions?

rrm74001 asked:

I always freeze up when I get asked this question. Especially with simple jobs that do not require any skills like customer service. The only thing I can think to say is “Because I am amazing.”

When an employer asks you that question you want to respond with an answer that makes them feel as if they’d be missing out or would hinder their company by not hiring you. Tell them which of your abilities and experiences will enhance the company and how having you on board would benefit everyone at the workplace. Use emotion and emphasize words that describe how much you want the position. Let them know that you’re a very motivated and dedicated individual that works diligently and always puts in complete attention in everything you do. Words are very, very powerful tools; be sure to practice your own responses before going to interviews as well. Be prepared and don’t be nervous, everyone goes through it.

You ARE amazing, right? Tell them this… but be prepared to back it up with specific reasons why. Good luck!

How do You Answer Potential Employer Questions?