Can You Have Fun While Working?

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Is it possible to have a serious business and still have fun? I am so driven that working for myself tends to stress me out but I have a low tolerance for stress. Can you have fun at your job and still be successful? Do you have any tips?

Let me ask you this: do you actually really LOVE what you’re doing? You may love working for yourself. You may be pushing yourself to succeed. But do you even enjoy what it is you’re doing day in and day out? If not… there’s the simple answer to your issue.

If you do, and it’s just a matter of overwhelming yourself and stressing out, you need to step back a little. Where can something “give” a little? What can you put off for another day? What is crucial to the success of your business and what are things you just hope to do? Prioritize. Figure out what must be done, make a list and go from there. Don’t overwhelm yourself with a million things that turn out not to truly be important.

Take breaks! Walk away from the work and do something fun – even if only for a half-hour. Stretch. Go for a walk. Play with the dogs or the kids. Build a LEGO set! Whatever it is that relaxes you…. do that!

If you love what you do, you’re always going to have fun doing it… even when it’s stressful. That’s my belief. I’ve had issues in my life with being overwhelmed and questioning myself and what I do – even recently. But I NEVER stopped truly enjoying the things that I do.

Can You Have Fun While Working?