What Do You Do With Old Computers That Have No OS?

I recently received an email from a new community member named Michael Neary. I don’t know for sure how to answer this one, guys, so I’m throwing it out to all of you for help! What would you recommend he do? Be sure to read his entire email, so that you know his options. Please don’t just say “OMG buy a new Mac” or some dumb thing like that! Let’s show Michael what a great community of minds we have here!

My fiancĂ© used to work for a video game company that went under and it sold her two Dell XPS600s with no OS installed. Currently, all of my computing is done on my iPad mini, but I would like for at least one of these Dell systems to work. I would do the right thing and buy an Apple Computer, but it’s a little too rich for my blood right now (unless you know someone selling one cheap. Hell, a MacBook Air first generation would be great at this point).

Anyways, for the the Dell XPS600s, here are my questions; which is the best option?

  • If I buy Windows 7, will it be a simple process to make this beast work again?
  • Since I have two identical computers, what do I do with the other one? Can I morph the two into one bad ass computer? Do these have any value to sell?
  • Instead of trying to salvage the Dell, is it even worth my time to try and sell them to get a Mac, or should I just buy Windows and deal with it?

I know this is a lot of info, and I know you are probably busy, but I don’t trust any retail stores or Geek Squad for advice.

What do y’all think? What’s the best option here?

What Do You Do With Old Computers That Have No OS?