What is the Best Piece of Tech You Have Bought?

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Hi, Chris! What’s the best piece of technology you have bought over the years that has given you the best value for your money?

Hi, John! I guess the pieces of tech that have lasted the longest and caused the least amount of frustration?

My dual 30″ monitors have performed quite nicely, as has the Mac Pro they’re connected to that’s been sitting behind my desk for several years. Expensive? Sure. But they’ve lasted, they’ve worked, and they haven’t caused undue grief.

That, to me, is value.

Spending $10,000 on a desktop computer that has lasted without major incident for over half a decade (and kept pace) is value; spending $100 on a piece of junk that provided a lackluster-to-horrendous user experience out of the box is not a value.

Value has nothing to do with an actual dollar amount.

My time is more valuable than anything I own.

What is the Best Piece of Tech You Have Bought?

3 thoughts on “What is the Best Piece of Tech You Have Bought?”

  1. Definitely my first (and still only) iPad. Bought it when I thought I’d be without my MacBook Pro for several days. I had my MBP back the next day, but the value over the past two years I’ve gotten back makes that iPad absolutely the best tech purchase I’ve ever made. A close second would be the cumulative components for the first computer I built myself, around 2005.

  2. I think finally getting on the smartphone bandwagon was the best tech thing for me. I’m able to do so much on my iPhone…it’s amazing. Best piece of tech so far for me 🙂

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