How Do You Write Your First Blog Post?

Mushu had an interesting question about getting started with a new blog.

What are important points to state in an introduction post for a blog? (meaning – the very first post ever on your blog)

I don’t think it matters.

Honestly, few people are going to read the introduction post in the grand scheme of things… unless it’s being done for nostalgic purposes (in which case, make it memorable).

Then again, you should write every blog post as though it was your first.

No, wait. Don’t do that.

Your introduction post is your About page. Then, your first post should be whatever you feel like writing about right now.

If you don’t feel like writing, don’t do it.

And, trust me, 99% of blogs that are started never make it past the two week marker. 99% of the blogs that make it past two weeks never make it past two years on a regular publishing schedule.

Have fun!

How Do You Write Your First Blog Post?