What Was Your First Computer?

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What was your first computer build and do you remember the specs?

Can’t remember.

Not to say that the custom-built PC was forgettable, mind you. I remember getting all the parts, putting it together, booting it up for the first time, and using it daily for several years.

It was fast and it got the job done. That’s what I always wanted a computer to do, and (largely) what I will likely want my future computers to do for the rest of my life.

I’m not being flippant, either. Some people care about specs, but I only care about them so far as how they’ll enable me to have something that I want. The speed of a processor is insignificant compared to what you’re able to do with it.

“What you’re able to do with it” doesn’t really have a sexy label, though.

I think it was an Intel something-rather?

What Was Your First Computer?

9 thoughts on “What Was Your First Computer?”

  1. I never got into self-building my own PC, but as much as possible, I would custom order what went into it 🙂

  2. Radio Shack CoCo 16kb used the TV for a monitor, a cassette deck and tapes for storage, and a narrow 4″ wide mechanical printer, no programs were pre made fo it, I had to program my own stuff with Basic

    The first space shuttle in space had the same system for inboard use for navigation, fuel use, O2 use, and all other computations. Can you imagine? What a difference over the years.

  3. My first was a 8086 XT, 512kb Ram, 360kb floppy drive, 10MB HDD, with Hercules monochrome monitor.

  4. A Sinclair ZX81 (Made by Sir Clive Sinclair) back in the 1980’s with 1k of RAM which I upgraded to 16k.

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