What if Computers Were Never Invented?

Patron Chris is curious what our world would be like if we never had these glorious boxes. You, too, can become a Patron and receive priority answers to your questions!

What do you think the world would be like now technologically speaking if the computer had never been invented?

You could make an argument that we’d be either further behind OR further ahead.

Our culture will forever remain shackled to past products and experiences – that’s just how it goes. As much as mainframes of yesteryear inevitably yielded control to these pocket computers every geek has on them at all times, I think if those mainframes didn’t exist…

…someone else would have come up with the idea of merging some kind of hardware with some kind of software and enabling experiences we otherwise would not have had. And that idea could’ve sparked a completely different set of products, services, and solutions.

Perhaps someone would’ve been able to do twice as much with half as much… which (assuming progress happened at a similar pace) would likely put us 2x ahead of where we are today.

Or, perhaps Steampunk wouldn’t just be a sub-genre of sci-fi… but true a way of life for most people in westernized societies.

Who knows? Maybe I’d be headlining in Vegas!

What if Computers Were Never Invented?