The First Pen I Ever Loved

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of BIC 4 Color for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a child, I was an odd duck (though some would contend that I maintain a similar level of peculiarity).

I couldn’t stand sports, I didn’t really enjoy playing in the outdoors, and I wanted a BIC® 4-Color™ pen. I wanted other things, too (like Star Wars figures) – but, for some unknown reason, this writing instrument captured my attention.

BIC Vader

The pen was different… then again, so was I (at least, in comparison to everybody else in my neighborhood or school). There were 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen!

I remember thinking about what my life was like if – and when – I had this pen in my possession. Why, at a moment’s notice, I could go from red to green without wasting time to pick up a separate stylus. How cool would that be? And, you might recall, I was also the kid who couldn’t eat any of his chocolate-coated candies until they were first separated into color piles. Had I known about ROYGBIV back in the day, I would have taken my idiosyncrasies to an entirely new level.

Well, this was a pen for me. Different. Fun. Full of four colors. It was certainly something that would help me make every one of my assignments even more awesome (even though we weren’t really allowed to use red ink on our paperwork). Yes, I fantasized about how to better organize my notes.

You think I’m joking, don’t you?

Go ahead, laugh. I’ll wait.

But I had the last laugh, because once I finally had my hands on a BIC® 4-Color™ pen… my outlines were award-winning (if they gave awards for such things). Each level was written in a different color code, helping me further visually organize the information I had scrawled. Mind you, this was long before “word processor” was a common term. Actually, I was my own word processor.

No fancy fonts. No printer jams. Just original handwriting and a variety of usable colors for common paper types. While I cut my teeth (and fingertips) on white wide rule, I wound up preferring “college” rule because I was able to use more lines on a single sheet. Eventually, yellow legal pads won my heart… and the BIC 4-color pen’s ink.

Even today, I much prefer keeping most actionable / to-do notes for myself on some form of physical media (as in, something that doesn’t crash and has an adhesive on part of one side). Of course, I have pens aplenty… but none of them have ever been THIS pen.

I mean, what kind of kid actually dreams of owning a particular pen?! It’s been more than a dream come true for me, really – and it’s something I still treasure after all these years. Its magic will never dissipate.

We click, I think.

And now I can click with the BIC® on social, too – they’re on Twitter, Facebook, and have even created a few videos to further highlight the personalties of this pen. Of course, I’ve always liked the color red – and now that I’m no longer in school, I use red ink without fear of reprisal.

Each color has a personality – but you can only use one at a time (though, I’m quite guilty of doing the thing that’s surfaced in the “Crammed” video). Given that red is my favorite color, I’m happy to see that the red personality is in line with how I’d want to express myself with the pen.

Blue likes himself. Green is the jealous type. Black (although he doesn’t like to talk about it) is actually a blonde. Red likes it when things are correct.

I think you should know why I like red now.

Seems like an understatement to call this gadget simply a “pen.” It’s more like an awesomesauce instrument that’s capable of channeling your needs – no matter which color personality you feel like using at the time.

Get the BIC® 4-Color™ pretty much anywhere awesome pens are sold (like Amazon or Staples).

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