Should YouTube Force Comments for Dislikes?

Matthew Dunn asked me:

Do you think YouTube should force people to write something when they press the dislike button so that you can easily clear out the bullshit from the constructive criticism?

I’m not a fan of the dislike button and can proudly say that I’ve never used it in my life.

Beyond its ambivalence, it’s a negative social gesture – a hate button, if you will.

My biggest problem with the YouTube dislike button is that there is absolutely no accountability involved.

Should YouTube Force Comments for Dislikes?

11 thoughts on “Should YouTube Force Comments for Dislikes?”

  1. The issue that I see with forcing comments for dislike button presses is that you could see an increase in hate troll comments. By letting people hit the dislike button, they are civilly commenting that they don’t like your video for whatever reason. Isn’t that better than 100 more “you’re a stupid %$&^@ ” comments?

  2. I’ve found that on my videos that, yes, I don’t get feedback as to why that specific person disliked a video, but I typically get a general idea in the comments section.

  3. Not at all likely to help. You can’t force useful feedback from people who aren’t happy. Make ’em type something and you’ll get a string of “this sucks!” “gay” “boRING!” Sure, we’d all like constructive criticism and tips for improvement our presentations, but forcing a comment instead of clicking dislike is an open invitation to trolls and haters.

  4. I hit the dislike button when I didn’t enjoy a video. When I hit that button my intension is to show that I didn’t like that one video, not all the videos you ever made. I think if you see enough dislikes it would tell you that it is not what your audience is looking for when they view your videos. Feedback is feedback, opinion based and nothing more.
    I do agree a comment along with the button could be usefull.

      1. I support by watching all the Vlogs you make, so you know I have enjoyed 99% of them, I have also hit the like button on them all as well.
        It just so happens I didn’t like one. I really didn’t intend to insult you or your efforts.

  5. By the way, Chris, if your answer here was spurred by the absurdly high number of dislikes you got on your wonderful dog vlog, don’t take it as “hate.” I think it’s people who love you telling you that they much prefer your normal range of topics and seeing you on camera talking. Those aren’t dislikes at all. Every one of them is a love letter.

      1. I can’t dispute that. And the audience should respect the freedom of the creator. Even when the creator creates Jar-Jar Binks. But when Woody’s fans want him to stick to comedies, and Dylan’s fans want him to stick to acoustic folk, they have a right to express their narrow displeasure. Creators need to get a thicker skin about it.

  6. I never use the dislike button either. If I don’t like a video, I simply stop watching it.

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