How Do You Decide What to Talk About on Video?

Ziggy recently wrote:

So I’m making a YouTube (Minecraft) video with a friend of mine, but there’s usually a lot of silence because we can’t find really any talking points. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to find talking points/what to talk about?

This one is actually easy to answer, believe it or not! Why are you focusing on Minecraft? You should realize that even die-hard Minecraft users aren’t going to want to hear you only talk about that! Be natural. What do you and your friend usually talk about when you’re together? Let yourselves just go off on tangents. Play the game… show the game… talk about whatever is on your mind. Forget the camera is rolling and the mic is recording — for the most part.

You obviously won’t want to be rude, use hate speech, or curse. Keep it family-friendly and non-controversial so that you appeal to a larger audience. Other than that, though, anything goes.

Want to discuss the heat wave you’re finally having and your summer plans? Go for it! Think you should bring up the movie you saw last weekend and what you liked about it? Do it! The sky is (almost) the limit here, Ziggy. The broader the scope of conversation topics you have, the more interesting you will be to people and the more they’re going to share what you’re doing with others.

There’s nothing better than good conversation between friends — and good interviews, as well! 😉

Good luck!

How Do You Decide What to Talk About on Video?