What Do You Do With Old Gadgets?

This post is sponsored by eBay, but all opinions are completely mine — so listen up!

One of our supporters asked:

Chris, what do you do with your old gadgets? I mean… do you hold onto them for nostalgic purposes, do you pass them off to family members and friends, or do you sell them?

I sell them. Friends & family usually have their own stuff they’re happy with. Nostalgia? No, not unless it’s a toy or something that I had as a child. If my devices are still in good shape, what’s the point of holding on to them once I’m “done” with them? There are others out there who would be very happy to get their hands on a slightly-used device at a lower cost than buying new, you know?

Did you know that you can easily sell your old phones to eBay? Why should you it in to your carrier or just let it sit in a forgotten corner of your house for the next few decades to be discovered by archaeologists generations from now? Make some of your money back, yo!

As human beings, we like to hoard things — perhaps not to the degree that there’d be a television series devoted to our habits, but it’s not an atypical behavior for our species. Voluntarily simplifying your life begins with paring down your possessions — and that pile of old phones you have sitting around? Not cool. Sell it all off and forget about it! Move on.

Less is more. To expound from that thought: less old junk sitting around is more money in your pocket. Weigh your options, make the smart choice, and enjoy the sexy new you!

What Do You Do With Old Gadgets?