How Did You Choose Your Home Office?

Patron Chris Eldridge wondered about my home office – or workshop, as I’m now calling it. Become a Patron and get your questions pushed to the top of the queue to be answered!

Thought of this one while watching the vlog today: Why did you pick the particular room in your house to be your workshop (office, as you used to call it)? What made that room stand out versus the many other rooms and areas you have in your house?

Simple, really: it’s the closest room to my bedroom! Actually, I don’t think much thought process went into it. The two rooms way down the hall are better suited to be guest rooms, so that anyone staying over can have a bit more privacy.

My workshop is right across the hall from our bedroom and provides easy/quick access to the restroom, as well! Hah! It also just had the right “setup” as far as shape and feel to do what I wanted to do in there.

The only real issue is that there needs to be like 29348933942839042 more square feet in there for more Vader stuff!

One thought on “How Did You Choose Your Home Office?”

  1. Your workshop space is cool…definitely need more space for growing your Vader collection 🙂

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