How Can You Overcome a Phobia?

A friend of mine actually brought this up to me, and I remembered an article I had seen, and which was also linked to me by a few community members. I was asked if there are any proven methods of overcoming a phobia — such as my fear of spiders — beyond intensive (and expensive) therapy.

Why yes, there is! There’s a psychiatrist out there who was even more deathly afraid of spiders than even I am. He ended up developing an app that will help combat that particular fear. You’d start out playing with a cute cartoon-like spider and go through various stages, ending with a very real-looking version in an almost augmented reality situation.

There are also people out there working on an app that can help you overcome a panic attack. I happen to know several people who suffer from those, and they’re definitely no fun to go through. What if an app could help them get past it quickly and safely?

What other ways can you see technology like this helping people?

Even this is too much for me:

How Do You Overcome a Phobia?

3 thoughts on “How Can You Overcome a Phobia?”

  1. I wouldn’t want to touch that spider mouse either. I dislike insects and bugs in general so I try my best to steer clear of them.

  2. God Chris! Even if I didn’t have phobia, just using that mouse for week I will probably develop one! lOLz

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