How Can Scouting Have an Impact on Your Life?

Patron Oscar Roque asked about my Boy Scouts experience. Remember that you can become a Patron to receive priority on getting your burning questions answered!

How did “scouting” have an impact your life? Would you take Baby Pirillo to the Boy or Girl Scouts?

Being a Scout teaches you a lot of great things. You don’t simply learn how to tie knots and start fires without matches. Of course, being me — The Great Indoorsman — I didn’t necessarily enjoy certain aspects of scouting. But learning core life lessons that enhanced what my parents were already teaching me was invaluable.

As far as baby Pirillo goes, it depends. I would never force my child into anything. If she or he is interested in Scouts, we will definitely work to make sure s/he can take part. I’ll share my experiences and encourage — but never force it.

What about all of you? Have you been in Scouts? What did you learn from the experience?

How Can Scouting Impact Your Life?

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  1. I am a life scout right now working tword my eagal, and I feel that it has prepared me for many life long skills so far.

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