Do You Use Siri?

Darren Doolan asked:

I just got an iPhone 5S and never use Siri, do you ever actually USE Siri? And if so, what for?

As I’ve mentioned countless times in TLDR episodes over the years, the only thing I really use Siri for is on-device assistance – as in, creating a calendar appointment or setting an alarm.

Siri remains unreliable for me, either because the network connection consistently fails or I don’t give my command in such a way that Siri can translate with success.

Siri is not a value-add for me, nor would Google’s Siri or Microsoft’s Siri. Yeah, they’re not Siri – but, c’mon… for the most part, they’re Siri.

I gotta admit, though: she’s fun to play with at times!

Do You Use Siri?

2 thoughts on “Do You Use Siri?”

  1. If I have to, I use Siri to initiate calls or send messages while driving since actually handling my phone while in a car is illegal in Florida. I’ve been also known to use it as my timer and such (“Siri, set timer for one hour.”). It’s not the most reliable because it depends on the network for everything.

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