Is Gaming Getting More Exciting?

George Barrett asked:

As you are a casual gamer, do you think the gaming industry was more exciting/interesting 15-20 years ago than it is now?

My perspective on this topic will likely be a LOT different than a hard-core gamer would have. Personally, I do think that gaming was more exciting back in the day. Think about it: the rapid pace of advancement back then was astounding. What has happened recently in the gaming world that had that level of excitement and a huge WOW factor due to how groundbreaking it was? Go ahead and think on that… I’ll wait…

Yes, graphics get incrementally better. A storyline for a hot new game may be great… but is it fresh and exciting and DIFFERENT? The style of game play changed so drastically very quickly back in the good old days, you know?

What do all of YOU think about this?

Is Gaming Getting More Exciting?