How Many Computers Do You Use?

Chris Eldridge asked:

Do you ever actually even try to use the random computers around your house, or have you given up on that effort entirely, as I have in my house?

You’d be surprised at how many of them I actually use on a regular basis. Yes, I tend to use the ones at/on my desk the most, of course. But the others get put to use, as well!

For instance, the machine that sits down in the kitchen at the little built-in desk is used often when I’m downstairs and have something I need to do. I’m not the only one who uses that one – it gets used by whoever may be in the house! When my assistant Kat stays here for a conference or something that we’re doing, that’s the machine she uses to work!

The one over on the other desk in my workshop isn’t used much, sadly. I just don’t have a specific purpose for it, but I DO sit there and mess around at times. I just need to figure out what to USE it for.

How many machines are in YOUR house, and do you use them all? If so, do they each have their own purpose?

How Many Computers Do You Use?