How Do You Deal With an Online Stalker?

George Baker asked:

Have you ever had an annoying fan/stalker and how did you deal with them?

There’s a large difference between an annoying fan and an actual online stalker. I’ve had more than my share of annoying/rude fans. How do I deal with them? Simple: I block them – out of my social streams and out of my life. Who has time for that?

Having a stalker – that is thankfully something I’ve never dealt with. I know that several years ago, my assistant Kat had this happen, though. A disgruntled member of the community (he was overly rude/harassing in the live chat and got himself banned) decided to take things entirely too far. He found all of her online profiles and didn’t just send any old messages: he sent disgusting and detailed threats towards her AND her daughters. Kat did the right thing – she saved everything and contacted her local police.

If you EVER have someone cross that line from being annoying or rude into actual stalker territory, I urge you to do the same. Don’t take it lightly. Yes, chances are nothing would ever happen… but do you want to take that risk? Being a single mom at the time with two young daughters, Kat was (rightly) not willing to risk it. You shouldn’t, either.

How Do You Deal With an Online Stalker?