How Do You Deal With an Online Stalker?

George Baker asked:

Have you ever had an annoying fan/stalker and how did you deal with them?

There’s a large difference between an annoying fan and an actual online stalker. I’ve had more than my share of annoying/rude fans. How do I deal with them? Simple: I block them – out of my social streams and out of my life. Who has time for that?

Having a stalker – that is thankfully something I’ve never dealt with. I know that several years ago, my assistant Kat had this happen, though. A disgruntled member of the community (he was overly rude/harassing in the live chat and got himself banned) decided to take things entirely too far. He found all of her online profiles and didn’t just send any old messages: he sent disgusting and detailed threats towards her AND her daughters. Kat did the right thing – she saved everything and contacted her local police.

If you EVER have someone cross that line from being annoying or rude into actual stalker territory, I urge you to do the same. Don’t take it lightly. Yes, chances are nothing would ever happen… but do you want to take that risk? Being a single mom at the time with two young daughters, Kat was (rightly) not willing to risk it. You shouldn’t, either.

How Do You Deal With an Online Stalker?

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  1. No one deserves to be stalked or pestered… Best to play it safe and report to the police so that kind of behavior can be stopped.

  2. Had an interesting turn of events happen to me in the same fashion a couple of years ago now. A guy pretending to be someone else managed to convince me (stupid me) to skype “her” to have some ‘fun’. Now I should have realized from the get go that something was fishy, but I must have thought, what the hell, I am young an naive and so I did. ‘she’ put on a very convincing skype chat, I don’t know how it was done but there was a great video and all. Now, my video was real, I soon then found out that hers was not.

    It was in-fact a guy pretending to be a girl, to get video of others and then blackmail them into providing him with a wire transfer. Unbeknownst to him (and I don’t know why, because the people he was preying on are insecure basement nerds who go on skype for so called ‘love’) I am a nerd, and proud of it. So, he took my video, and told me that I should transfer him money, or it would go on the web….

    Now, if this ever happens to you, others out there, there is a program we use called wire shark, which will listen on any port you tell it to, and get the traffic coming in and out of that port, i.e. skype. So, I did this, and continued talking to the guy, just pissing around, and dancing about not doing things until I had enough traffic to isolate his ip address, and once that was found, did a trace route on the web, and got his local telephone exchange. Through some luck, and a bit of research, I managed to find a way to control his webcam from his computer, take 12 photos, and send them to the Virginia police in the US as that is where his ip was situated. Sent all of this off to the Virginia PD, and hoped for the best.

    I never found out what happened to the guy, but he, and no one has bothered me since, so I guess it must have worked.

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