How Do You Create and Store Passwords?

Amer Alharbi asked:

What is the best way for you to creat a password and manage your password? I use 1password and I also write it on a piece of paper.

I asked several of my friends, and overwhelmingly people are using LastPass. I highly recommend setting and using a master password with your account for an extra layer of security. LastPass allows you to create unique and secure passwords for every site you register on! Not reusing the same password is crucial… especially when it’s for a site that contains personal or financial information.

As for writing them down on a piece of paper: I know many people who do that. I just don’t think it’s very safe. What if someone broke into your house and hit the motherload by finding that paper and accessing your bank account? Why not create a simple text document with the passwords on it and store it on a backup drive/device that is protected with a complicated password? That would be a LOT more secure than a piece of paper.

What methods are all of YOU using to create and save/store/remember your passwords?

How Do You Create and Store Passwords?