Should Programming Be Taught in Schools?

Oliver Earl asks:

Do you encourage schemes to get kids into programming at school? Do you think it should be taught as part of IT curricula at school?

While I think it’s a great idea to encourage kids to learn to program, I don’t believe it should be required. Let’s face it: the number of jobs out there in the world which would require this particular skill set is relatively small. You can argue that those jobs are growing in number, and you’d be correct. However, I just feel that this should be offered as an elective. Leave the required classes to the basics our country is so desperately in need of: Reading. Writing. Math. Science.

  1. Uh, can’t you Americans choose to study programming/IT in your high schools? We can here in Sweden.

  2. As we hear from @farrahbostic at @RailsConf2014, that everyone should learn to program at some degree because it help point out where errors in the system are. Granted most of these people will not be looking for jobs in the industry, the fact of the matter is everyone uses a computer in their job at some level, at with minor programming knowledge they can help troubleshot the error better and intern we have better IT Systems. So, to come full circle I do believe that some sort of Programming should be required at a high school level even just an introduction.

  3. i am 15 and starting a tafe course this year so i can get in to a computer science degree next year at uni. i find school very boring and found myself most of the time at home not playing video games but learning about networking html,python ,c++, hardware, security etc. from what I’ve heard from other schools is that there is not enough people that want to do computer subjects because it not “cool” and even if people did as soon as the word programming language came out I’m pretty sure the whole class lose interest and think it would be boring and just start talking. the closest “technology” class there is at school is photography (face palm) and even that is just filled mostly with girls that thought they were going to lean how to take a better selfie and what filters to use, when they found out it wasn’t about that all they did is talk and no work gets done because miss is threatening to kick kids out of the class room. the only “it” course there is for yr 11 and 12 is an information processing course relativity boring imo. i think there needs to be a better look at the Australian curriculum as most of it is very old and not giving us kids a much of reason to be at high school if there not going to offer anything that will benefit those who know what they want to do in life.