How Do You Market Your Book?

Michael Dowis writes:

I just wrote and published a book (thank you for referring me to, by the way). What are some good ways to market or “get the word out” about my book?

How Do You Market Your Book?Here’s a secret: go to your community first!

Yup. It’s that simple. Talk to your friends, your family and your social circles. Explain why they need this book. Ask them to read it for free and leave a review wherever you’re selling (Amazon?). Think about how this book will help others — even if it’s just by giving them enjoyment — and share those ideas within the circles you’ve already established.

I know that many self-publishers send a complimentary copy to key people in the same industry, asking them nothing more than to read and enjoy. If they do enjoy it — and even learn from what you’ve written — they will go forth and spread the word without any prompt.

Consider a giveaway! Give your books away to a limited number of people. Ask for reviews. Reviews are a huge part of being able to market your book. Find like-minded groups on Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to join. And, yes, comment on blogs of those with similar interests, as well.

Have something great and/or new to teach others? Some people even book themselves speaking gigs based on their books! This is another great way to get the word out and sell more copies.