Have We Lost All Respect?

Vince Pace writes:

Where has ‘respect’ for each other gone? As you stated on YouTube, some readers tend to be very rude with their comments. Why do they hide behind their own comments? I believe this is a sort of ‘cyber bullying.’ All there is to do is simply block/report these readers — unless there is another way?

Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be much respect left in this world, does there? Everyone is out for themselves, and no one seems to care much about how someone else feels. Oh, I know this isn’t accurate — there are plenty of people out there who do truly care about others. However, when you do what I do all day every day, you tend to have a lot of run-ins with the seedier side of the population.

Truthfully, you shouldn’t engage trolls. I need to remember to take my own advice a little more often. Instead of “shaming” someone who has been intentionally cruel to me, the opposite happens: they get the attention they crave so badly. Blocking them — and reporting when necessary — is definitely the best way to go. Don’t let them get to you. Just block and move on with your life, remembering that plenty of people value what you do and who you are!