Do You Have a Normal Job?

Gary Whiteman asked:

Chris, do you get overwhelmed with not having a full time job like normal people?

Do You Have a Normal Job?I admit it: I first read this question very wrong. My mind snapped to: “OMG this person thinks I only work part time?” After that initial reaction, I realized he was asking me if I get overwhelmed because I work far more than full time!

It can be overwhelming at times, yes. If I didn’t have people helping me, there’s no way I’d manage. Both Kat and Bob have been with me for many years, and can anticipate what needs to be done even before I do at times. I rely on them every single day to keep the LockerGnome machine running smoothly!

It helps to absolutely love what I do. Yes, I may get sick of editing video. I may whine on occasion about having to trek across town for a meeting. But… these are momentary inconveniences. In the overall scheme of things, I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING! I get to surface and share the best content in the world with all of you. I get to connect with you in very real and personal ways all day long. Who wouldn’t love that?

So while it may seem as though I work far too much, when you love what you do it isn’t really work at all. 🙂

One thought on “Do You Have a Normal Job?”

  1. Good outlook. KEEP looking at the bright side! As long as the good outweighs the bad, you’re OK! I drive an hour each way to work at a negative stressful job and come home to child appointments and everything else a single parent does. Your vlogs help keep my smile. Thanks!

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